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The most Beautiful lakes of the Crimea
Drinking water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. And especially Crimea, where there are many springs of fresh water. They exist mainly in the form of…

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Large lakes of the world. The rating of the largest lakes in the world
The rating of the largest lakes in the world according to size. The rating is based on the area occupied by the lake. TOP 20 largest lakes in the world…

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Tourist recreation center "Sand mountain"
Namsky ulus Dream of a Paradise vacation away from the city rush, regain their emotional balance, improve your health, gain new energy? Not necessarily to go to distant lands. Recreation…

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Geography of Switzerland

Elegant cities and famous resorts, mountains, pristine lakes and picturesque slopes of the green hills and the unique culture of Switzerland. The geographical position and climatic conditions of the country. Administrative-territorial division and state structure.

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Such documents

The history and geography of Switzerland. Characteristics of the population, culture, economy, currency, tourism, national cuisine and the main attractions of the country. Its state, administrative-territorial and political structure.

Geographical position and area occupied by Switzerland. Political system and administrative division. Physical features of the country, the climate and topography. Economy, industry, agriculture, transport, tourism and religion.

Geographical position and climate conditions of Italy. Political and state structure of the country. Population and social structure, religion and mentality. Features of national character. Everyday good manners and business etiquette.

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The biggest lake in the Balkans

A trip on the Skadar lake it is better to start with the North or South shore. From the Krajina, where from olden times were situated the capitals of ancient States and religious centers: Skadar, Krajina, uranine, Zabljak, Rim, Cetinje. Or from the North, from the Rim and Rijeka crnojevića. Only from here you can embrace a single view of the magnificence of the fjord, formed at the confluence of Rijeka in Skadar lake. This panorama can’t leave the artist indifferent, and because of the paintings, written here with nature, you could make a whole gallery.

It so happened that the places around the lake have long been associated with the book: on the small Islands in the monasteries of medieval monks wrote and copied religious books, and on the shore, in the Rim, in 1494 appeared the first printing of the southern Slavs; in our days the lake are devoted to scholarly monographs.

As a natural phenomenon (it once was a sea Bay), lake Skadar is interesting and in many other ways. Thanks to the mild climate and magnificent nature, it has long attracted people. If you piece together the history of all wars for their possession and the civilizations that flourished on its banks, the account will be referred Continue reading

Vacation on lake Baikal, prices for holidays at the lake Baikal

The stay at lake Baikal

Choosing a holiday on lake Baikal . tourists, first of all, I want to get acquainted with the unique nature of this region and enjoy a truly pristine beauty! The largest lake of the world is fascinating, with its powerful energy. Come here for new experiences and the tide of life energy, positive emotions and adrenaline.

The Tourist Center “Olkhon”

Tourist base “Olkhon” is located on the coast of the Small Sea, Olkhon island. The unique location of the base due to excellent vision – lake from the shores of individual Islands! The water in the channel warms up quickly, allowing early access to the swimming season.

Convenient interchange allows tourists to take boat, walking and car tours in all directions. This will help to diversify the rest on lake Baikal and get a lot of new experiences.

The climate of the island is mild, good for those with poor health. Choosing a holiday on lake Baikal, the price of which compares favorably to the overseas tours, to comprehensively strengthen your body, getting a huge boost of energy.

The nature of the island will leave many colorful images – the secret of the impenetrable jungle, crystal clear water, rich flora and fauna surround every guest coming here every day.

The advantages of the camping-hotel “Olkhon”

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Lake-killers – Rope around the Earth and other surprises of science

One August night in 1986 in villages near lake Nyos, located in a mountainous region of the African state of Cameroon, in the dream died just 1,700 people. The cause of their death was the lake, even though some unfortunates lived 25 kilometers from its shores. However, this distance was not enough to save them from a huge cloud of carbon dioxide that rose from the lake bottom and covered the neighboring hills and valleys, depriving oxygen all living beings on this territory and thereby causing them suffocation.

In this part of Africa there are three very unusual lake. One of them, Manon, two years before described the tragedy resulted in the deaths of 37 people, but the emission of gas from the bottom of Nyos was much worse. The third lake, Kivu, while never identified in the air is carbon dioxide, although in its waters this deadly gas dissolved, no less.

The hazardous nature of these lakes comes from their location — all they were formed in craters of volcanoes, and over the centuries carbon dioxide has leaked from the crater of the volcano and accumulated in bottom waters. In the other, smaller lakes gas in such cases due to the natural movement of water is distributed over Continue reading

About the resort — Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal-the pearl of Eastern Siberia. Lake Baikal is located in Central Asia, in Russia, on the border of Irkutsk oblast and Buryat Republic. The largest and deepest lake in the world surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges and hills. You have a great opportunity to spend unforgettable days on the shores of this amazing and definitely the most beautiful freshwater lake.

One of the greatest lakes in the world – Baikal – located close to the centre of the Asian continent, in the South of Eastern Siberia, on the border of Irkutsk region and Buryatia. Baikal occupies a tectonic depression surrounded by mountain ranges, dissected intermountain valleys. There is another large body of water is so remote from the ocean. The length of the lake is 636 km, width up to 80 km, the area of 31.5 m2. The greatest depth of the lake – 1637 m (medium – 730 m), the volume of water – 2300 km3. Height above sea level – 455 m length of coastline – 2000 km.

On the territory of Baikal the island is 22. The largest and most interesting of them – Olkhon island. On the shores of lake Baikal in winter one can ice grottoes and spray.The temperature of the surface layers of water in lake Baikal in the summer of +8°. +9°C, Continue reading

Trip to lake Seliger. Attempt fishing and local
What is the CATCH? The CATCH is that you wanted to catch and caught, finally. (The catch is the cold that you caught, not to go to school? – Hardly.…


Unique lake Tambukan on the brink of environmental disaster - news Stavropol and Stavropol territory
The Duma Committee on natural resources, environment, resort and tourist activities, together with the Deputy group "Caucasian Mineral Waters" recently held a retreat at the lake Tambukan, reported the press…