Tourist recreation center "Sand mountain"
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Landmarks of Abkhazia
High mountains and Sunny shores of Abkhazia hide many treasures: castles, historical monuments and unique natural sites. In whatever city you are staying, everywhere can explore the beautiful parks and…

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The biggest lake in the Balkans
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Where to relax in Abkhazia in the summer and better in winter with children and young people inexpensive

Where to have a rest in Abkhazia

Abkhazia is a picturesque region, which annually attracts a lot of tourists. Here you can swim in the warm sea, to see the beautiful lakes and mountain gorges. On resorts of Abkhazia crystal clear air, thanks to which they are so popular. The towns and cities of the Republic are ideal for young people and families with children. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere and at the same time heal the entire body.

To spend a splendid and unforgettable holiday, you should visit the parks and beautiful beaches. Thermal springs can help you improve your health, preserve youth and get a huge boost of energy. The locals love their country and call it the place of rest for the soul.

What resort Abkhazia to choose to stay

The Republic has many resorts. One of the most popular is the city of Gagra. located not far from Sochi. There is a large number of equipped sites where you can devote time to training. You can play tennis, volleyball, football, scuba diving, water skiing. In Gagra there are many opportunities for outdoor activities. In the city you will also find a water Park, which will give a lot of positive emotions to you and your baby. The resort is a large water facility, through which you can lead the body to tone.

Gagra for active

Gagra is an ideal base from any age group and activity. Youth enjoy the possibility of evening and night entertainment. Families with children will appreciate the large amount of entertainment in the city and on the beach. The older generation will appreciate the luxurious and shady parks of Gagra, where you can walk for hours.

Pitsunda for a beach holiday

Where better to relax in Abkhazia? What resort to choose? Where is the best beach? All these questions torment any who come to Abkhazia for the first time. If you are going on vacation with children can go to Pitsunda. is a small village which is located near Gagra. There is clean sandy beach and a wide pine grove. A great place for people who prefer a beach holiday and want to not only relax but also improve your health. The air in this part of the coast is filled with the healing aromas of pine needles and eucalyptus. The black sea is calm, warm and not prone to storms.

Sukhum for a versatile vacation

Sukhum – known resort center with many historical sites and healing springs, popular also use medical water. In the city favorable weather throughout the year, it is very warm and comfortable even in winter. One of the main attractions of Sukhumi is a sandy beach in the region of Sinop, its coastline stretches for 10 km from the Holiday resorts of Abkhazia is inexpensive, you can spend unforgettable holidays in winter and summer!

Gudauta for privacy

If you want to enjoy beach season in maximum privacy, you should definitely go to Gudauta. Here spacious beach, which is one of the best in the country. A small influx of tourists here, but because there is no such talkie, as for example in Gagra. In Gudauta relatively low commodity prices, this is a great place for a family holiday!

New Athos for contemplation

Where to rest in Abkhazia? No less popular is the city of New Athos, which has an excellent climate. There is moderate humidity and comfortable temperatures all year round. In New Athos there are a large number of pebble beaches, which look simply gorgeous. You can walk to the beach from any point in New Athos. The resort looks very beautiful and picturesque.

Along the entire city and the coast stretches a promenade with cafes and places to relax. Walking on it is never boring, and along it scenically grow oleanders and luxurious palms. Near the famous Swan lake where you can feed these majestic birds and always hungry fishes in the pond. To rise to new Athos monastery and capture stunning panorama, opening uploade in front of the entrance. Pass through Royal Avenue and admire the waterfall. In this small resort town everything is in walking distance.

To capture bright moments, definitely worth a grab camera. Abkhazia will give you a great mood and a lot of impressions!

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