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The Resorts of Abkhazia

On Abkhazian soil, you can enjoy the wondrous beauty of unspoiled nature and to relax, enjoying all the benefits of civilization. Most of the country’s territory is occupied by mountains, among which the most massive Caucasus, the Kodori, the Bzyb Gagra and ridges. In the forests grow mainly beech, chestnut, hornbeam, oak, spruce and fir. Abkhazia is diverse geographical zones: subtropical zone with a typical subtropical vegetation, hilly area and mountainous area.

The company “7-TOUR” offers various accommodation options in the resorts of Abkhazia:

Find all the offers for accommodation and to purchase tickets to the resorts of Abkhazia, you can visit tours to Abkhazia .

Health resorts of Abkhazia

Cozy and comfortable for the seaside resort of Gudauta . surrounded by dense fruit and citrus orchards, woods and vineyards. This place enchants with wonderful views of the Caucasus mountains, clear waters and its extraordinary history. The town has a Museum with archaeological, ethnographic and art displays. In the Gudauta district are located the famous lake Ritsa and lake Blue, ringing to the skies waterfalls and mysterious gorges.

20 km Northwest is located the resort of Mussera . on-site, in the area of Amber, preserved ancient temple dated back to 8-9 centuries.

Modern Gagra – resort in Abkhazia, known for its beautiful parks and embankments. When you enter the city, guests are greeted by the remains of walls of an ancient fortress Abaata 4-5 centuries. Tourists can visit the Palace of the founder of the resort of the Prince of Oldenburg, built in old German style. Opposite the Palace, the ancient Circassian trails the terrible gorges of Zhoekvara, the ruins of the watchtower.

Pitsunda is a unique climate resort. At 4 kilometers along the coast stretches a magnificent grove of relict pine-trees. Soft sea air and an unusual scent of pine needles in the city create a special microclimate that attract tourists from different countries. Popular attractions in Pitsunda lighthouse on the waterfront and a cross-domed Church of the 10th century.

Sukhum – climatic-balneal resort, one of the oldest cities in the world with a huge number of monuments of history and culture. On the beach original Sukhumi fortress, founded by the Romans in the early 2nd century. Famous Beslet bridge Baku – work of medieval architectural art of Abkhazia. And in the heart of Sukhum is an amazing Botanical garden.

Having a rest in New Athos . you can visit the famous new Athos monastery, the ruins of the Anakopia fortress on top of the Iberian mountains, the Genoese tower and a number of karst caves in the vicinity of the resort.

Purchase permits on resorts of Abkhazia – a land with thousands of years of history calling to you to uncover its ancient secrets!

Abkhazia 2014 – resorts of tales

By choosing to stay in the resorts of Abkhazia in 2014, the prices of which become more pleasant, you will get acquainted with original culture of the Abkhaz lands. Here from generation to generation, old customs, tales and legends of national heroes, ancient rites coexist with Orthodoxy. You will get acquainted with the natural sights and monuments the history of the country. Take a trip to the mountain lake Ritsa, hike through the beautiful gorges along raging rivers will visit the burial place of Simon the zealot in new Athos cave-palaces, simple and stately Pitsunda temple, where performances of Opera singers and concerts of organ music.

Want to improve your health? To relax you will love the resort, the famous quality and effective treatment. One who seeks the luxurious stay, can choose in quality of accommodation comfortable hotels and luxury hotels. Want to relax cheaply on the sea shore? A wonderful choice will be the recreation and the quiet resorts. Young people often prefer the cottages where you can comfortably entertain a large company, or as a budget option – tent camps.

Resorts in Abkhazia. The uniqueness of the climate

Each resort in Abkhazia has a mild, warm climate that are beneficial to the health of the human body. Caucasian ridge protects the best resorts of Abkhazia from invasion from the North cold air masses, and the Black sea provides warm in autumn and winter, because winter is reminiscent of Russian Abkhazian autumn. The air is rich in negative ions, sea salts, and oxygen. The nature here is as unique as the climate, clean sea beaches coexist with eternal snow peaks, sub-tropical trees, with Alpine meadows. Most Wellness valuable mineral springs in abundance on open land of Abkhazia, among which the famous water “Aadhar”.

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