Lesson of the surrounding world for primary school: "the Amazing lakes of Russia". Lesson-research
The surrounding world Lesson for elementary school: "the Amazing lakes of Russia". Lesson-research. Purpose: -To develop memory, speech, imagination, observation; To provide repetition of knowledge about lakes and their uniqueness;…

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Lake-killers - Rope around the Earth and other surprises of science
One August night in 1986 in villages near lake Nyos, located in a mountainous region of the African state of Cameroon, in the dream died just 1,700 people. The cause…

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The Most unusual lakes in the world
All, certainly, went on Russian roads. The first thing that comes to mind is to tear off hands road services. Is it not possible to do normal asphalt? By the…

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The 7 wonders of Italy: the largest Cathedral, the purest lake, the shortest river

Every country is proud of its achievements. The Italians are doing it for show: they are even on the floor of the main Cathedral have left a mark on the length of the “temples of competitors”



Almost six hundred years have passed since the completion of the Cathedral, crowning it the world’s largest 114-metre-high brick dome still remains the highest point in Florence. In medieval Europe could not build a dome similar to the dome of the Roman Pantheon, because the decision of the architect Filippo Brunelleschi aroused the enthusiasm of Italians. Them most accurately expressed by Vasari: “. it seems the sky it [the dome is] jealous, because all day his arrows smite of heaven”


The largest fountain of Rome — reaches 26,3 meters in height and 49,15 meters in length. At the fountain are overcrowded with tourists throwing coins into the water. One coin means a quick return, two — a love meeting, three — wedding, four — wealth, five — separation. Annually utilities caught about a million euros, which replenishes the budget of the city



The largest active volcano in Europe located on the Eastern coast of Sicily. Height of Etna varies from eruption to eruption, now it is 3329 meters above sea level — Sicilian volcano 2.5 times higher than Vesuvius. Of Etna from 200 to 400 lateral clefts. On average, every three months from each lava appears



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The oldest operating Opera houses in the world opened on 4 November 1737, 41 years before the famous La Scala. In 1989 on safety standards Seating capacity was reduced from 3285 to 2260. But among Italian Opera houses by the number of seats San-Carlo has kept the first position



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In the largest lake of Italy flows into the little river in the country — 175-meter Aril. Garda lies at the foothills of the southern Alps. The water is so clear you can scuba diving. The North-Western coast of the lake is called lemon (lots of lemon plantations), and the Southeast — olive (you can guess why)



The dimensions of the largest square in Italy — 88 620 m 2. It is about four times that of Red square. However, called Prato della Valle square hard — in its centre in 1775 by the architect Domenico Cherat has created an artificial green island surrounded by a canal. All of the tracks of the island is decorated with 78 statues of prominent people of Padua



The world’s largest Christian Church (formally it is, however, in the Vatican city, not Italy) has created some of the great masters: Bramante, Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini. The Cathedral amazes with the sizes: length — 218 meters, height with dome — is 133.3 meters. For comparison: the length of the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour — 85 meters, height — of 103 meters. On the floor of the Central nave of the Cathedral there are marks indicating the lengths of other big churches in the world


Azores with height of bird's flight
Balloon festival in the Azores, the mayor who plays the violin and sea adventures. Azores — lost Paradise in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Volcanic lakes, millions of shades…


Where to relax in Abkhazia in the summer and better in winter with children and young people inexpensive
Where to have a rest in Abkhazia Abkhazia is a picturesque region, which annually attracts a lot of tourists. Here you can swim in the warm sea, to see the…