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Amazing country

Poland is an amazing country . in which you can admire the beautiful medieval architecture, relax on the sea, to sojourn in the picturesque lake, or just walk in numerous parks and gardens. Outdoor enthusiasts will also not be bored, because Poland is known for its inexpensive but excellent ski resorts. That can still be seen in Poland will tell you today’s article. So, below is the top ten places in Poland.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

At the tenth spot is occupied by the national Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha. This is an amazing place, which is the only forest complex in Europe. Belovezhskaya Pushcha is very much appreciated in Europe, so here is annually visited by many tourists from different countries. In 1979 Belovezhskaya Pushcha was inscribed on the list UNESCO. The character of the forest complex is the bison. During the great Patriotic war bison is almost completely destroyed, but restoring powers put a lot of effort, so now the complex lives of several hundred of these animals.

It is a real pride of the poles. Masuria is a unique place, situated on the North of the country. Masuria is otherwise called the land of the Great Lakes. This is not surprising, because there are about 4 thousand lakes. The largest and most famous lake is lake śniardwy and lake Mamry. Mazury will love vacationers, because you can not only have a good rest on the lake, but also go sailing, Windsurfing, surf kayaking, and more. The poles themselves are very fond of Masuria, therefore, regularly come here as a family.

Castle in Gothic style was built in the XIII-XIV centuries. This unique architectural construction is the most valuable Gothic fortress in all of Europe. Today the castle consists of three castles, of which the total area is 20 hectares. In 1997 the building was listed in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Auschwitz Concentration Camp Auschwitz

Quite a scary place, which once was incredibly terrible things. The death camp of the third Reich reminds poles about the terrible times of the great Patriotic war. According to studies, this concentration camp killed over 1.5 million innocent people, which included Russians, Jews, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Gypsies and, of course, poles. A concentration camp is a symbol of cruelty and inhumanity.

The City Of Częstochowa

One of the most famous places of pilgrimage in Europe is the city of Czestochowa. There is a city in southern Poland. Czestochowa has become famous for its wondrous częstochowa icon of the Mother of God, which can be seen in Yasnogorsk monastery.

Polish town amazes with its beauty and magnificent architecture. Wroclaw is one of the oldest cities in Poland. This city is also called city gnomes and bridges, because there are more than 200 bridges, and the great Patriotic war there were more than 300. In addition to an incredibly beautiful and diverse bridges, tourists will be able to admire ancient castles, churches and monasteries. Wroclaw is situated on the fifth place of the rating “10 best places of Poland.”

Another Polish city with its history and extraordinary atmosphere. The oldest Church of the city is the Polish Cathedral, built in the 15th century. Impressed by the beauty of the Gothic churches, the monasteries, the famous town hall built in Renaissance style.

The city where lived Nicholas Copernicus, of course, one of the most beautiful Polish cities. Unique architecture, preserved from medieval times, the many Gothic buildings of red brick made the city fantastic. Today the city is under UNESCO protection. Surprisingly, during the Second world war the city remained almost completely intact, so all the monuments are original. According to the survey, 96% of residents are very happy living here. Every tourist who visited Torun, must try Torun gingerbread. Local sweetness comes in many sizes and shapes, but most often on cakes pictured medieval knights.

Slowinski national Park

The Park is 115 kilometers from Gdansk. This seaside Park is famous for its moving dunes, which reach a height of several tens of meters. Huge sand mountains are reminiscent of the landscape of the Saharan ergs. In Slowinski Park you can see a real sand storm in the desert. Going for a walk in the Park, you need to ensure the availability of bottles of water. This is a unique place with a marvelous scenery couldn’t get into the list of UNESCO.

First place goes to the Polish city called Gdansk. Together with the neighboring towns of Gdynia and Sopot it forms a triple town. Three cities connected by high speed train. The city has access to the sea, so tourists are very fond of Gdansk. Besides the beautiful beaches there are magnificent architectural monuments. Gdansk is the main center of administrative and economic life of Poland.


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