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Unforgettable summer practice Shapshinskaya the tract. From 13 to 22 June, the students of 1 course of a speciality "Biology" interned in the territory of Shapshinskaya tracts of the natural…

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Th in Ufa and Bashkortostan
Bashkortostan — an important crossroads between Europe and Asia. Therefore, the expedition of the Russian school of Go and Strategy 2010 «finding the roots of Th» passed eastward through Bashkortostan.…

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Tourist recreation center "Sand mountain"
Namsky ulus Dream of a Paradise vacation away from the city rush, regain their emotional balance, improve your health, gain new energy? Not necessarily to go to distant lands. Recreation…

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Trip to lake Seliger. Attempt fishing and local

What is the CATCH?

The CATCH is that you wanted to catch and caught, finally.

(The catch is the cold that you caught, not to go to school? – Hardly.


I wanted to have the fish catch.

For this I went to BOLSHAYA and demanded from them all, so I can have a CATCH.

Apparently, I was a very determined type, so to implement my plan joined just three of the Manager.

They asked me who I want to catch, how, in what season, on what exactly Seliger, etc.

And most importantly – how much money I’m willing to spend. )

The amount of them is quite satisfied, the guys were poluchylos and gave me a sort of “bun”, which was also the champion of Russia on fishing float.

He with a kind of masochistic pleasure gave me the look of “the best rod”.

“The best bait” was and “longest rod”. The tip of it was lost in somewhere in the other side of the store. And when he said that it can be 15-20 meters throw, I, purblind squinting, he said, I love shorter rods.

I will not describe the whole process, but I was fully staffed. And even it’s not the money (or they?). I gave a lot of inexpensive but very useful accessories, like leashes ready, folding easy chair, and, of course, earthworms out of the fridge (on lake Seliger earthworms are almost there, there is sand)!

And I went to catch your CATCH!


near Ostashkov

Fish, as it turned out, not pecking at worms Moscow, and local does not bite, and the bread, do not bite.

It was great because I could easily think your Duma, looking at the leaden water of the lake, and not worry about the ruined fish lives in vain. )

During my fishing meditation I was approached by a neighbor, the son of a local resident and the grandson of a local resident, and asked the perennial question

– “Does it bite?”.

On my evasive answer he said to June, peck will not be, a fish preparing to spawn (I’d like to see this :).

Then he said that he was here, too, there was fishing from the shore, to the left about 50 meters, near a Creek, so there

– “This fool as you slam your tail against the water, damn it!”

I asked

– “What a fool? Pike?”

He says

– “What’s the pike. Beaver!”

I say

– “Okay! What are the beavers!”

He says

– “What, what. Evil! All nibbled, half of the vegetable garden flooded, fed up with their dams! Fucking engineers!”

I otocol, where these evil creatures, and with some mistrust went to explore their habitats. Found, oddly enough. In 150 metres from my house.

“Shtirliz went on Berlin. Nothing talked about the fact that Stirlitz was a Russian scout, except that the parachute velocissima back!”

So with the beavers.

Nothing was said that in this storm flooded clean, clear water, and beavers. Is that huge tree, aspen, lying across the carriageway and partially cut by the local inhabitants to pieces. The thick butt aspen had been cut by beaver teeth daring. Lying side by side and all the trees in the forest, the swamp, were cut in the same way.

After wandering around in boots on the edge of the windbreak, I found a beaver house (the entrance is under water, if anyone knows).

Waited, I waited, when the beavers come out on the porch of her house, lined up and in unison say, “cheese”, so the photo turned out clearer – not wait.

The beavers sat in his house and quietly swearing

– “Well, when this man (goat, slang) to leave. Have a because you want!”

In short, the beavers were too elusive as fish.

Then in front of the car ran deer, flew over the head of the woodpecker, etc. – they were all ELUSIVE.

Yes and good!

Why to catch them?

Unlike animals, the locals were quite perceptible.

Body – Yes.

And thoughts – there is absolutely!

As we passed the village’s cemetery, there was found lying in the rain of real people. Since the Association was clear, the car abruptly stopped, approached the man, pulled him and asked

– “Are you okay?”

The man opened his eyes and said

– “I feel good! Will rest and then go!”

The ability of man to think the cosmic scales were amazed, left him alone and drove on.

A day later, late at night, driving along a country road, we found another guy.

He sat in the plows that went off the road and then pretty much crashed into a tree.

Again, convulsive Jogging in the rain to his car and to the question

– “Well, how are You?”

he, lifting his head from the steering wheel, said a drunken voice

“Yes everything is fine! The tractor I’m waiting”

On this trip almost all the time the sky was raining.

There was no rain for one night only.

One of the outputs from beaver Creek

Moscow dog meets smells of Seliger.

The sunset.

Strangely, the locals have traditionally done shingles of wood. Is there even fairly modern buildings.

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