Amazing lake Balkhash
Balkhash lake is the main attraction of Kazakhstan. It is on the 13th place in the list of the largest lakes in the world and is the 2nd largest after…

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Italy: the beautiful lake is My Bayern Munich - sightseeing, castles, restaurants and the town of Bavaria
Italian fields adorn its picturesque forests, rivers, fields, lakes and mountains. But we'll talk about the lakes. In Italy there are about fifteen hundred large and small lakes, on their…

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The Pink lake Hiller is Flew.
If you are traveling to the Australian lake Hiller is safely remove the rose-colored glasses! After all, you no longer need, the space around you and it will be pink.…

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Long lake

Trabzon is the capital of the black sea region of Turkey

Trabzon ( Trabzon) – a city in North-Eastern Turkey, administrative center of Il of Trabzon located on the Black sea shore near the mouth of the river Shorts, at the foot of the forested Kolat Dagh (3410 meters).

Trabzon – the black sea capital of the region, or as it is called in Turkey – Karadeniz. But Karadeniz is a Turkish name for the Black sea.

Founded in the VIII century BC Trapezunt (Trebizond) to the epoch of Alexander was the easternmost Greek colony of Pontus euxinus. Under the Romans it became the capital of the province of Pontus, a major military and commercial port, only the invasion is ready in the III century BC marked the end of the Byzantine period in the city’s history. Then another thousand years it flourished as an independent settlement, as the capital of one or another of the many kingdoms of the southern black sea coast, while remaining an important trade center when the Genoese, with the Ottomans.

Trabzon became the Ottoman city immediately after Constantinople-Istanbul in the mid-15th century. Took it as well as Istanbul, Sultan Mehmet the Second, but in 1461. The many century was called Trebizond, which is the Greek word table, the meal. This form was allegedly the mountain where he founded a city here Greek colonists from Sinop to 750 BC

ancient times Trabzon was the main city of the Roman Pontus, and later the capital of the trapesund Empire, which was also called the Empire of the Great Komnenos. The city relied on big hill, on this occasion, there was built a fortress, which was completed and was completed and occupied, in the end, more territory. Remains of walls in good condition has survived till now. Partially as a place for tourist walks, and partially as a part of the urban interior.

In Trabzon is an ancient Christian Cathedral of Hagia Sophia, built in the 13th century as the main Church of trapesund Empire and the tombs of its rulers – Komnenos. With the arrival of the Ottomans, the Hagia Sophia became a mosque, and in the middle of the last century with the support of the University of Edinburgh it was restored and opened as a Museum.

In the same way from the inside of the Fortress the Church of the virgin Mary covered with a gilded roof, the Fatih mosque in honor of Sultan Mehmet the conqueror Second. And from the Church of Saint Eugenia is the New Friday mosque (the mosque of Yeni Cuma). Here Fatih Sultan Mehmet performed the first Friday prayer.

The first mosque of Trabzon, originally built by the Muslims and not converted from the Church – mosque of Gulbahar Hatun. This woman was like from the kind of Komnenos was the daughter-in-law the Sultan Mehmet the Second, the wife of his son Beyazid, and came here with his son Selim (the future a cruel tyrant, but during his reign expanded the borders of the Ottoman Empire twice) as the Deputy of the Sultan. Near the mosque is the tomb and its.

No city in Turkey, where Ataturk lived. In Trabzon Ataturk’s Palace is a beautiful building in pine Park. Here, according to legend, was the father of Nations in 1914 and 1917. And now here, of course, the Museum.

The hallmark of the city is also considered to be many beautiful houses of the XVII-XIX centuries at Uzun Sokak. One of the best examples of the old city is part of the villas built by the Italians Kostaki-Epilektos-Mansion on Zeytinlik Caddesi which now houses the Museum of Trabzon (open Thursday to Sunday from 9.30 to 12.00 from 13.00 to 17.30, admission 2 TRY (

$1,1)). Towering among the immaculate gardens of Villa Ataturk-Cat (open daily from 8.00 to 17.00, entrance – 2 TRY (

$1,1)) was built in 1903 as the residence of a Greek banker of Karayanidis, in 1924, a brief stop here “the father of the nation”, and the city gave him this set for a year before his death. Today it houses a small Museum of atatürk, but of far greater interest usually causes the house itself, which is considered a typical example of aristocratic architecture of the black sea.

Also a good city Fort, sandwiched between the tunnel coastal road and a small Park, Catholic Church of Sancta Maria (open from Thursday to Sunday from 14.00 to 15.00), the monumental heart of the Bazaar area – the Çarsi mosque and caravanserai Tash Khan (XVI century), Yeni mosque (the former Church of St. Evgenia – patron Saint of the city, III-XIII centuries), Ortahisar (the”Medium lock” – the area of the Old town) with its ancient walls and the remains of the bastions, are often embedded in later structures, once the main Church of trapesund Empire – the Church of Panagia-Khrisokefalos (now Ortahisar mosque or Fatih-Camii, XIII-XVI centuries), the Upper citadel with its ruins of the Byzantine Palace, a mosque, Gulbahar Khatun (1512-1514.), a tiny Byzantine Church of Kuchuk-Ayvasil (St. Anne, IX.), “the Russian market” Avrasya-Pazar at the foot of the cliff crowned with the mosque of Iskander Pasha, as well as nearly a dozen other markets.

Here in Trabzon in 1494 was born the son of Selim the famous Ottoman ruler Suleiman Kanuni (the Legislator) who, being the Sultan in Istanbul, took to wife a concubine of Ukrainian Anastasia Lisowska, who later became known as Roksolana.

The famous Holy Lavra monastery on mount Athos in Greece, was founded by Athanasius the Athonite, born in Trabzon too, but already in the year 930.

46 km to the South of the town in the valley of Altindere is a very old Greek monastery built on a cliff – Monastery of the black mountain, or Managed. It was founded by the monks Barnabas and Safroni in the year 386, at the place where they found the icon of the virgin painted by Apostle Luke. In the monastery there was 5 floors and 72 cells.

When in Trabzon entered the Fatih Sultan Mehmet, he ordered not to touch a Greek monastery, and even took him under his wing. The monastery was abandoned only after the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923, according to which all Greeks had to leave Turkey. Now Managed is open to visitors as a Museum.

Outside the city there is a beautiful lake of Uzungol – Long lake on whose shore stands a small mosque. Another volcanic lake, located 8 km from Trabzon, it is called Sulphur, it appeared only in 1950 after the earthquake.

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