Mountains, valleys and lake
This lake was once famous all-Union resort. Here sent the most distinguished figures from all over the USSR. After the dissolution of the Union financing of the resort changed, business…

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Water resources of Mongolia. Rivers and lakes of Mongolia. Information about Mongolia
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The Lake-Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka– the lake and the town near large settlements Queenstown (Queenstown), Otago, South island, New Zealand. The place is primarily known for its stunning mountain and lake scenery, as well as annual music festivals, during which in a small town stuffed to 5–7 thousand new Zealand music lovers.

Real estate near lake costs a lot of money, which, as a rule, are available from the older generation. In this regard, the city of party recreation has turned into a peaceful and cozy “the boarding house, which is considerably calmed violently once hitting the Creek subcultures. However, everything in order.

Unable to really move away from first wedding in Wellington. I and my new Zealand friend Cam went to the South island for the second festive event. This time he married a cousin of Cam, where the Cam saw hardly a couple of times in my life.

Having landed in Queenstown (Queenstown), we first took a pre-chartered a car and drove to Wanaka. Toyota Camry 2.2.

As I said earlier, Wanaka – a small settlement near the homonymous lake, which you can see in the photo below. Not deceived. The lake really is.

From this pier daily start boat trips on the lake for tourists.

And this so-called Backpackers – low-budget hotels, where in one room can live from 3 to 8 strangers to each other people. But very cheap – around 15–18 us dollars for a double room per night. In such places after Wanaka I spent the night once, finally having realized their own incompatibility with international snores and differences in the periods of sleep.

After changing clothes, we are angry and hungry went to the place of the wedding, which was on a private farm in the mountains, on the shore of the lake. The farm I never found, really, but it was a two-storey house with kitchen and everything necessary. Also, the organizers erected two tents for guests. The photograph on the right – the chill-out tent for those tired of fun 🙂

These are demonic landscapes were drawn at night. I and Cam.

And here in the afternoon held a wedding ceremony with a voodoo ritual.

In the morning we had Breakfast and before lunch we decided to split. I went to a three-hour cruise on the lake on the boat, and Cam went to the post-wedding picnic.

Here’s a medium size motor boats were waiting for me on the pier.

But the campaign was waiting for me inside. Australian and European travelers over sixty. However most of them surprisingly interesting people, business owners, and in General successful in a person’s life. From communicating with them was extremely pleasant memories.

Lake Wanaka has a very decent size, so before our trip we sailed about 40 minutes.

And here is the goal – small island… Really what it is notable for I do not quite remember. But something should be there, definitely.

Know komments 🙂

And here is the captain of our ship, which, by the way, is his personal property.

I was waiting for that cap will stumble and I will have a stunning shot, but this unfortunately never happened. Our sailor to stand on their feet.

But me you will not wait. P

On returning to the ship we were expecting an easy afternoon snack with tea, hot chocolate, homemade cookies and sandwiches. All very cute and comfortable.

After the cruise we met up with Cam and go on nearby mountain. In the picture you can see 2/3 of Wanaka. And an unidentified tourist.

And this is the view slightly to the left. Not the lake forest.

And here we are at the top.

View of the lake.

Views of fields and meadows.

View of tourist at the table.

With this cunning circle, being on the top of the mountain, you can see what’s around you. Look forward, then lower your eyes and look at what the sector fell look.


Descending the mountain we went for a drive around and found a wonderful Wanaka (lake Hawea). Its uniqueness lies in the incredible brightness of the turquoise color of the water. Already eye cuts.

Pine nuts, pine nuts anyone?

The amazing thing is that around the lake not a soul. There are a couple of houses on the shore, but people we never saw.

Well, except for this character.

He’s just lying 🙂

Upon returning to Wanaka, we went for a drive in the mountains. Has not passed also ten minutes as the weather has changed dramatically. There was rain and the street got out ghouls.

Cam, great muscles and awsome pose 😉 Real Swartzeneger! But white 🙂

Generally, in New Zealand dwells a great many strange people. Some even know how to walk on water.

Along the way we met a small waterfall.

For me it was a novelty, therefore, not hiding his joy, I decided to samostimulyatsii.

A nearby field was the pasture for the sheep, by the way, almost wild. Communication with people is extremely rare and usually associated with loss of fur … and sometimes life. Here, the animals are all very skittish. On that account, I even made a short video that will post here soon.

Cam, sheep video is coming 😉

But in General, I will tell you frankly, even the most juicy and bright frames will not give you the sense of scale and immensity of nature that you experience any caught in New Zealand. Words and even pictures to feel extremely difficult. You need to be there, to live there.

I think this statement is true in General for any country, for any place, however, it is printing stories about New Zealand that I first felt the full helplessness of his words and his photographs. Although, I may start to worry a little :)))

And here at last a dozen staring eyes of the new Zealand home of the horned creatures. Deer or something like that. On the picture you will not understand who actually is on the other side of the grid.

For today, this week, I will try to publish another publication. What exactly is not yet decided, will be a surprise 😉

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