Independent experts say: lake # 6 threatens the safety of Almaty
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Cottage village "Clean key"
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WHAT is the largest freshwater lake in the world
The largest reservoir of fresh water on planet Earth Lake Baikal is not only the most voluminous lake. It is the deepest and one of the oldest. Baikal is the…

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Lesson of the surrounding world for primary school: “the Amazing lakes of Russia”. Lesson-research

The surrounding world Lesson for elementary school: “the Amazing lakes of Russia”. Lesson-research.


-To develop memory, speech, imagination, observation;

To provide repetition of knowledge about lakes and their uniqueness; to continue to form General educational skills (book, map, diagram); to learn to establish a causal link;

To bring up careful attitude to the surrounding world, the ability to wonder and to look at familiar natural objects and phenomena in a new way, respect for themselves and others.

Presentation to the lesson: scheme of sewage and closed lakes, food lakes, lake, fresh and salt, lake use; environmental labels, a map, a drop of water in the form of a stencil, encyclopedias and reference books.

The course of the lesson:

1. Organizational moment.

Let’s create each other in a good mood. Smile, greet –

shake hands.

2. Motivation.

Listen to the true story. At a small bus station __________, 30 kilometres from

_______________ the girl lived. Favorite place in the village she had a small lake with clear water. It was located in a pine forest. Summer girl with her friends swam, sunbathed, cooked fragrant fish soup from carp, and in winter skated. It was the first, and therefore the best in the world. The lake was small but unusual. Grandma told the girl that the lake had Federal value. When the Railways were steam locomotives, they stopped and refueled with water from the lake. The lake was guarded by the Rangers and followed his purity. But on change to steam locomotives electric locomotives arrived, and the lake abandoned.

Now it trash, Ravi and the green slime,

Horsetail and marsh got out.

This was, we will definitely be back and now will continue the journey on the lakes of Russia.

The pier first POVTOREIKO

– What is the lake?

– Which lake sewage and closed?

– How to feed the lake? Work sheet reference schemes (Los)

For some patterns it is possible to divide the lakes in two groups:

Ilmen, Vats, Baikal, Ladoga, Elton, Baskunchak? (fresh, salted)

– Map of the salt from these lakes? (Vats)

– What lake are mined the high grade salt? (Baskunchak)

– As the person uses the lake? (the scheme)

The pier second: POIGRAYKA

Close your eyes. Yes, a good rest on the lake. Clean water. Warm sand caressing rays of the sun, the scent of flowers, singing birds, buzzing insects. You very good and easy on the heart. (music)

Playing a game: “would you kindly”? (the disciple asks a question to another student) sample questions:

– What is Limnology?

– The frozen lake Russia?

– What is phytoplankton?

– What are the cubs of the seal?

– What is endemic?

– What is an endemic of the lake?

– The famous bird is the great crested Grebe?

The strongest winds of lake Baikal? (prepared at home)

guys, would you be kind as to call lake world record holders which are located on the territory of Russia? (Lake Baikal, Caspian Sea)

4. Learning a new.

The third berth ISSLEDUYA

On the Russian plain, in the Valdai hills lies the most beautiful lake in the plain Seliger pearl of Russian nature with a fairy trail and a half hundreds of Islands with pine and deciduous forests. Plotinnoe the lake! I suggest you to make a journey to prove the uniqueness of the lakes: Baikal, Caspian sea, lake Seliger. There are three groups.

The first group is the tale of lake Baikal, using additional sources. (magazine “Sibiryachok”, a book about the Baikal)

The second group reads and discusses an article from the newspaper “the Pain of the Caspian sea” and is a scheme.

The third group reads an article in the textbook and shows the uniqueness of the lake Seliger through drawing. (Each group is responsible)

The fourth berth SAMISHIKU

Heard reports of lake Baikal, the Caspian sea and lake Seliger. Best researchers receive the prize in the form of water droplets. (choose a responsible of each group)

5. Pinning is studied.


Well done, you managed to prove the uniqueness of the lakes. Let the lake live the joy of the people. It’s time to name the author. It’s me, guys. And told this true story to make your lakes and rivers on which you were born, lived long lives. To help lakes to survive on the planet, you need to observe environmental signs:

planting trees blue patrol, network, trash, fertilizers, washing machines. (shown schematically) Characters remember, and lakes help!


“Seven troubles – one answer”

big, deep, beautiful

oil seal tourists

seal golomyanka roach

Khvalynsk crayfish Bay

sprat Barguzin key

stellate crested grebe island

ship Cisco lilies

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