Water resources of Mongolia. Rivers and lakes of Mongolia. Information about Mongolia
WATER RESOURCES OF MONGOLIA Despite the presence of the Gobi desert, Mongolia is rich in rivers and lakes. The total water resources of Mongolia is approximately 34 billion cubic metres.…

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Long lake
Trabzon is the capital of the black sea region of Turkey Trabzon ( Trabzon) - a city in North-Eastern Turkey, administrative center of Il of Trabzon located on the Black…

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Spearfishing in the Samara region
  For the majority of Russian citizens no matter where, what kind of spearfishing and this is natural because of the difference in life priorities and interests. Still, many have…

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Landmarks of Abkhazia

High mountains and Sunny shores of Abkhazia hide many treasures: castles, historical monuments and unique natural sites. In whatever city you are staying, everywhere can explore the beautiful parks and gardens, visit museums and learn the culture of this blessed region. All the attractions of Abkhazia will not examine even a month is a small mountainous country abounds in unusual places and original buildings.

Excursions to the lakes

The amazing beauty of the Blue lake gave rise to many legends and stories about how it appeared. The pond is located among the rocks and impenetrable forests, it is protected on all sides by mountain ridges. The lake fully lives up to its name – its waters remain blue even in cloudy, rainy weather. The water here never gets warm, so you can not swim, but you can wash your face. According to the legend, the one who will wash the water from Blue lake will look several years younger.

Some tourists are disappointed, seeing the famous lake. They hope to see crystal clear, clean water, and the water looks like in practice is unclear. The secret is that the lake area is small, but the depth is tremendous. Because of this depth and creates the illusion of a little muddy water. Heading on the excursion to the Blue lake, can be visited at the same time the waterfalls “Maiden tears” and “Male tears”, to call at the cottage of Joseph Stalin.

At 1,000 m above sea level lies lake Ritsa is one of the gems of Abkhazia. The popularity of this place among tourists have to admire the lake from the comfortable observation deck, which also serves barbecue. Not far from the Ritz are several local attractions, including the Blue lake, whose waters sparkle like sapphire. Extreme sports enthusiasts can head to the neighborhood of these lakes in search of adventure – waiting for them to cross the river on a suspended rope bridge, archery and other sport activities.

Highland lake MSY is another attraction you would not want to see, being in Abkhazia. It is located among the vast fields of evergreen, interspersed frozen islets. Even in the summer heat here you can see the snow cover. Tourist buses take travelers to the pond, but to the Parking lot, which is 7 km away. I’ll walk the walk, so dress comfortably: you will need warm clothes, because in the vicinity of lake heat recedes.

On the way to the lake Mzy you will certainly pass the other beautiful lakes of the region: the Ritz and Blue – do not pass by! In addition, the approaches to this mountain reservoir is another interesting attraction: the Gega waterfall. You can combine a visit to all these places in one exciting, albeit long, trip. Don’t forget that attractions are not free – some sites charge a conservation fee.

The Gega waterfall

The mighty river Gega breaks through the rock, flows through the cave, overcomes many invisible to a foreign eye barriers, to break down the dizzying flow. Height Gegsky waterfall often reaches 70 m, especially it strikes the imagination in Sunny weather, when there is flow formed numerous of the rainbow. Stunning cascades are located 4.5 km from the road that leads to the lake Ritsa. On the turn you can see the pointer. To reach by car to the waterfall will not work, unless you are traveling on the an SUV. The walk will be exciting but challenging, therefore, to take small children is not recommended.

The Gega waterfall known to most fans of Sherlock Holmes, even though they may not know it. This attraction of Abkhazia acted in films in the role of the Reichenbach falls, near which the battle of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Moriarty. The waterfall appears in frames is another popular Soviet cinema: “Sportloto-82”.

Church of the Holy Apostle the zealot

Abkhazia is replete with both natural and man-made beauty. For example, tourists can visit one of the friends of the churches – the Church of the Holy Apostle the zealot in New Athos. It is a small building, in the external appearance which clearly show Byzantine architectural style. Originally its walls were decorated with frescoes, but today they have been lost, but above the entrance to the temple can be seen carved Greek inscriptions, made in the Middle ages. The Church was built at the turn of IX-X centuries; according to legend, it was built on the place where the hands of the Roman legionary fell, the Apostle Simon the zealot.

In addition, attention deserves the Anacopia fortress on the top of the Iverian mountain. To reach the fortress, you need to pass a recognizable stop in the form of huge shells, and the new Athos cave.

The Restaurant “Gagripsh”

The restaurant is located in Gagra. curious travelers visiting it along with Seaside Park and the Gagra colonnade, the colonnade was also curious architectural monuments of Abkhazia. The restaurant is considered one of the symbols of the city, it was founded by Prince Alexander of Oldenburg in the beginning of the twentieth century. The local menu is extremely diverse, but the reviews about this place are mixed. Some explicitly recommended to visit gagripsh as a historical monument, but not as a restaurant.

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