The most Beautiful lakes of the Crimea
Drinking water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. And especially Crimea, where there are many springs of fresh water. They exist mainly in the form of…

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Slovenia. Trip to lake bled and Bohinj, English-speaking guides in Slovenia
Lake Bohinj is a perfect place for recreation and sports in any time of the year We invite you on a trip or a vacation on the Slovenian glacial lake…

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Amazing country
Poland is an amazing country . in which you can admire the beautiful medieval architecture, relax on the sea, to sojourn in the picturesque lake, or just walk in numerous…

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4 most unusual lakes (4 photos)

Ink lake.

In Algeria . not far from the town of Sidi-Bel-Abbes . there is a natural lake filled with ink. In the lake there are no fish, no plants, since toxic blue ink only applicable in order to write them! Until nedavneshnego time the people could not understand how the pond turned out to be such a special substance. The scientists conducting the proper research and analysis, concluded: it’s all in the composition of the water 2 samll rivers flowing into this mysterious lake. Some of them contains just a huge amount of dissolved iron salts in the other — various organic compounds located in the river valley peat bogs. Mingling together in the pit lake, the streams are interacting together, adding to the amazing amount of ink. The local inhabitants refer to this miracle in different ways: some consider it the devil’s delusion; others, on the contrary, benefit from it. Inks are not sold only in stores of Algeria, and in Africa, the Mediterranean countries, the middle East.

Asphalt lake

Peninsula Trinidad became famous only so that in its Central part, there is a genuine lake asphalt. Beautiful asphalt! In the lake, of course, come in and dip, and placed it in the crater of a former mud volcano, the depth of his… 90 meters (!) while the area — 46 ha.

Emerging from the bowels of the earth through the crater of a volcano located at great depths, the oil under the influence of evaporation loses all the volatile matter and converted to asphalt. All this happens in the center of the lake basin. A place where there are more and more watery layers of asphalt, bears the title «Mother-lake». It is thanks to the Trinidad-medical lake retains its reserves, despite the fact that every year it produce up to 150 thousand tons of asphalt going on the system needs. The main part is exported to USA, Velikobritaniya China. During the development of the lake produced over 5 million tonnes of asphalt, with the level of wonder lake has dropped by only half a meter! Any item that fell on the surface of the lake disappears into a dark abyss. Scientists who have studied coastal depth «pond», find a whole cemetery of prehistoric animals. Including the skeletons of mastodons, extinct in the ice age, who lived in the region. Valuable deposits of resin and are famous for their salt supplies the Dead sea. Of the extreme salinity of its water, in which it is unrealistic to otepoti, the whole world knows. But on deposits of rare resins is known only to specialists. Production of this unique substance from the waters of the Dead sea is carried out since ancient times. The resin is applied in various fields, such as medicine, for construction of roads, coating of ship’s hulls, in the chemical industry.

Acid lake

But still the «dead» the sea on the land is unfortunate lake of Perdition — large pond, located in Sicily. Its shores and waters are devoid of any vegetation and living creatures, even the birds do not fly over gray water. To bathe in it is terminally unsafe. Any living creature trapped in the water of this lake strashnogo, single-step dies. Man, for a second, who dipped into the water a hand, with fear, watching, as she turns purple, covered with bubbles, the skin peels off, revealing bloody bones, bursting veins and blood vessels. But the fact that the water in high concentrations contains… sulfuric acid. Very unsafe research conducted by scientists in 1999, led to a stunning conclusion: concentrated sulfuric acid is thrown into the lake by 2 sources that are on his day. It is logical that their victims Sicilian mafia Suzuka hid in these deadly waters: an hour — and even human teeth.

Empty lake

But Russian Blank hidden lake, located in the Altai, was not disclosed until this time. Around all bodies of water, teeming with fish and wild fowl of the lake, and in the Blank — not a blade of grass, nor fry, nor birds on the shore, and this despite the fact that are derived from fish lakes rivers that flow into Empty. Researchers 10s once tried to colonize the mysterious water of the lake local fauna and flora, giving preference to the most undemanding species. But all experiments to

onchilis identicna: fish and other animals, after a day or two, died, rotted vegetation. Empty and remained empty. But what is most unusual, chemists, over and over again conducted the water analysis for the content of poisons, to substantiate that the water is completely non-toxic, applicable to the use, and even… reminiscent of champagne with fine bubbles of natural gas harmless.

The water of the lake was studied by the experts from Germany, USA, Belgium and Britain, and no one until now could not explain or at least offer a plausible guess about the paradox of this unusual body of water. Will it in the foreseeable future to unravel this mystery? As annoying though it may sound, spices are uncertain shrug.


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Water resources of Mongolia. Rivers and lakes of Mongolia. Information about Mongolia
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